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Treatment with medicinal waters.

Spa means body care which is made using water with therapeutic properties. Despite Spa market in the world is very advanced, it is a developing sector in Turkey. Spa is extensively used in hotels, resorts and similar places in the world. There are some different features in the entrance of Spas in comparison to other public utilities. An impressive music system and fascinating decors welcome the guests together with nice scented candles and lights systems. Cosmetic materials and services are also other factors which offer the user good feelings besides physical benefits.

Spa guests generally prefer body-care programs. A combination of aromatic oils and skin peeling cosmetics are used in a relaxing body-care application. It gives the user good feelings. Massage oils with citrus aromas ensure both spiritually and physically relaxation together with a better blood circulation. Pure body peeling application makes the dead skin cells eliminated and the user more invigorated. Another body-care program is made with sea moss powder by mixturing it with water. The body is covered with this mixture and wrapped with stretched films. Afterwards, the user lies on the dermolife unit for a vibration effect so that the blood circulation can speed up.
The unit also sprays an aromatic steam to purify the body from toxins, and emits coloured lights to make the user feel better. Some other skin regenerative ways that may be used in different skin masks are sea salts and mosses. Those mineral-rich natural mixtures support elastin production in the skin and contain some other complementary ingredients.
All applications performed in a Spa center for skin regeneration and body relaxation are very important and should be applied by experts considering individual conditions.

Sanitas Per Aquam
The expansion of the abbreviation SPA is “Sanitas per aquam” which stand for “health through water. It is a name used for water therapies which have been applied as from the Ancient Roman times until today. Healing through water, health gained by applying water, relaxing and feeling better with the help of hot, cold or warm water in different ways of motion (flowing, dripping, springling or spraying water) are some of the explanations of this holistic therapy concept.


Wood Processing
All wooden panels used in modern Spa Wellness units, covering materials, special furniture, wooden parts of the doors of saunas and baths are produced in our own place. Processing and shaping of the wood elements, covering, painting and polishing of wood parts and other works are carried out in the same workshop. Juno who produces his own accessories is proud of his skilled and dedicated team.

Stone Processing
Juno plans and produces many products for modern Spa Wellness Units, Steam Rooms, Hydro-massage Pools and Building Elements in his own place. The facility having full automatic systems for cutting, profile shaping and polishing can also process almost all kind of stones with a high production capacity.
Designing, production and application of all marble indoor parts such as flooring materials, bathroom items, staircases and areas nearby the reception desk are made in this modern facility by investing the technology.

Metal Processing
Juno’s workshop could turn a metal part into excellent accessories, and make covering for all constructions. Many works needed for shaping a metal such as automatic cutting, levelling, welding, surface preparing, painting and other processes are made here. Besides visible decorative surfaces, hidden parts made of metal which are used to strengten a system or to bear a load or to give a certain form to a section can be easily produced and installed in Juno’s workshop. Juno also produces fire exit doors in this facility in accordance with the standards, and has the related international certificates on this field.

GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester)
The solution material of some sensitive areas is GFRP. It is resistant to dump and hot areas, durable, light and easily applicable. Furthermore, it gives almost limitless design opportunities to be applied on all kind of items. Juno manufactures all wet areas such as ceilings of SPAs, domes of Turkish baths and steam rooms, and covering of decorative walls using this material.

Our products

Tasarım Yapı offers you the best solution for steam rooms that relaxes you and makes your body feel good. You can say hello to more healthy life with the steam room.

After the steam bath, muscle pains and aches will decrease, the skin is cleansed and regains needed moisture.

You feel new born and vigorous yourself after the steam care…

What is steam all about? A brief look at the benefits of the steam bath

Steam bathing whether it be dry (sauna) or wet (steam) has been considered as one of the simplest ways to rid the body of toxins. As the pores in the skin open up millions of sweat glands start to excrete, the body rids itself of metabolic and other waste products. Sweat contains almost the same elements as urine and for this reason, the skin is sometimes called the third kidney. It is estimated that as much as 30% of bodily wastes are eliminated by way of perspiration.

As the body’s temperature begins to rise, the body’s natural response is to perspire so that the evaporation of the perspiration will cool the body. In a sauna toxin-filled perspiration dries on the skin. This is why showering after each sauna session is recommended. However, in the 100% humidity of a steam bath evaporation is not possible and therefore it allows little or no loss of valuable body heat. You still perspire as heavily, it’s just that your perspiration does not evaporate and dry on your skin. The higher moisture level actually causes condensation on the body to become the primary heat transfer mechanism additionally heating the body.

The powerful cleansing and healing process of hyperthermia does not take place until the body reaches 38 C-39,5 C. This is accomplished quicker and more effectively in a steam bath than a sauna and only requires 10 to 15 minutes. Another benefit of steam bathing is that it has a stimulating effect on the cardiovascular system. The pulse rate increases from 75 beats per minute (average) to between 100 – 150 beats per minute during a 15 – 20 minute session. This increases blood circulation but not blood pressure, since the heat causes the tiny blood vessels in the skin to expand, accommodating the increased blood flow.

Steam bathing and thus steam inhalation, is an effective treatment in respiratory conditions and is highly recommended for the treatment of the common cold, sinusitis, bronchitis, allergies and asthma.
1. Steam relieves inflammation and congestion of the upper respiratory membranes.
2. Steam relieves throat irritation by moistening the air.
3. Steam relieves spasmodic breathing (asthma, croup).
4. Steam loosens secretions and stimulates discharges of mucous from the throat and lungs.
5. Steam relaxes muscles and relieves coughing.
6. Steam keeps the mucous membranes from excessive drying.

What is the difference between a steam room and a sauna?

Steam Room

  • Generator is outside the room.
  • Maximum temperature is about 45 °C.
  • Humidity approaches 100%.
  • Can use ceramic tile on walls/ceiling.
  • Sloped ceiling is highly recommended.
  • Floor drain is required.
  • All inside surfaces must be sealed.


  • Sauna heater is inside the room.
  • Maximum temperature is 90 °C.
  • Humidity approaches 45%.
  • No ceramic tile on walls/ceiling.
  • Flat ceiling.
  • Floor drain is not required.
  • Watertightness is not required.


DEVATEC Steam generator. It is a new system different from classic steam generators with a resistance. DEVATEC Steam generator does not run by means of a resistance system. It forms electric current between electrodes thanks to minerals in the water, and evaporates water with the heat energy generated in this way. Therefore, there will no calcification and resistance failures in the generator. There is an automatic discharge system with a timer.

  • Controlling : It is controlled through an internal control panel.
  • Properties : With a water tank which is resistant to acids, a timer and heat adjuster, mountable on a wall. It is installed outside the steam room.


The dome of the Turkish Bath which is an indispensable item of a hammam architecture is made of GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester), so it is light and durable in addition to its design flexibility. A dome should be produced using a processed material which is resistant to high temperature, humidity and similar conditions. Furthermore, it should have the capability of keeping heat. GFRP exhibits those characteristics, and can be made in different colours and designs. We offer options for unique lighting systems and different colours and models in our domes. Baths with domes are the places which reflect some historical features besides their modern equipment to make the user more comfortable and relaxed. Thanks to domes, condensed water on the dome surface is returned downward the edges so that the user will be kept from dripping waters. The dome concept is one the proofs exhibiting how our historical and traditional places have been built considering human nature.

Juno produces bath domes made of GFRP based on a strong historical background and a very capable architectural equipment while focusing on the customer satisfaction.

The relaxation rooms are the places designed for our guests for getting rest following the hot and cold therapies. Ergonomy and comfort are top priorities in those rooms. We wanted to create a spa concept so that you could feel regenerated and relaxed in it, especially by enjoying its relaxation rooms equipped with the best materials of Juno architecture.

Bucket Shower Systems
It is a shower type that the body is cooled under its dense water flowing just after the warm therapy. It is an alternative to shock pools in terms of being more hygienic. About 15 L water is poured from a bucket made of Teak tree which is mounted on the wall with stainless steel holders. This type would be suitable especially for the narrow places because of holding a minimum space to be installed.

Adventure Shower Systems
Adventure showers are built to invigorate the user with different atmospheres while enhancing the blood circulation. The system has many programming options and massage effects made with several water spraying ways as per the user’s individual needs. With the help of different lightings, voice effects and scents accompanying the water, you may feel as if you are in a rain forest or at the seaside. After this excellent shower experience of Juno, you will be relaxed and free from the day’s stress.

Snail Shower Systems
Snail showers which are developed with the experience of many years will add a different beauty to your Spa facility. There are also other shower head designs that you may choose as per your own delight and to be installed by our expert team into the snail shower system.

We design and produce a special and outstanding place in the entrance section of a Spa Wellness facility which makes the guests feel better at the very beginning of their visit. Establishing unique relaxation sections, a cafe, a swimming pool, decorative fountains, flooring and corridors, elegant doors, wall coverings, special niches besides furniture and accessories are top priorities of Juno.

Fitness section of a Spa Wellness facility which is equipped with hi-tech units is made in harmony with other sections in terms of general arrangement and decoration. Devices in this section are the best of their kind and the special flooring is comfortable and healthy.

Swimming pools are produced considering where it would be used. We desing indoor and outdoor swimming pools as natural part of the concept in all sizes and designs according to your needs and choice. We may also add some functional and decorative parts to enrich the pool environment if you would like. Hydro-massage systems, waterfalls, fountains and wave systems are some of such additional options.


Hydro-massage pools are the systems that the user can control water-jet nozzles and the temperature in them. It is a pool type in which an invigorating massage can be applied by means of water movement. Such pools are made of advanced composite materials which are suitable for special modelling and desing parameters. They are durable, light, easily shaped and can be used for a long time without deformation. Therefore our architects can find a very vast design opportunities to work with the material.

Snow fountains with special features other than snow rooms are presented for your personal use as part of a facility made by Juno. Snow producing device is installed on the wall or ceiling as per the concept. Following the installation, it is made disappeared with special coverings and started to run. The produced snow and ice flakes are poured into a snow bowl. Those flakes are used to cool the user’s body just after warm medium practices such as a sauna or steam room session. It may bring a more moderate temperature change in comparison to cold shower. Snow and ice flakes taken from the bowl are firstly rubbed on legs and arms and then on the other body parts. In this way, the therapy would be completed. With this practice, the skin becomes invigorated and healthier, blood circulation enhances and the immune system is strengthened.

It is a specially designed room in which the blood circulation is regulated after a sauna or steam room session. Snow room is a cabin made of a special material and designed for as an alternative for those who don’t like quick cold practices like shock pool or shock bucket. Snow room is equipped with electronic devices in harmony with its creative architecture. The produced snow is completely similar to the natural snow and contain no chemicals. In the system, the temperatur is -3°C. It is very safe that you can enjoy it with your family to live a snow experience in all seasons. It can also be used for healing blood circulation disorders that may cause varicose veins. Your body could be kept energetic and healthy using this unique system besides its enjoyable features like other mediums in a Juno-made facility.

Kneipp Health System describes a holistic therapy way developed by Sebastian Kneipp who lived in 19th century in Bavaria to make the general health condition better. Mr. Kneipp has started a research on the ancient Chinese Medicine after being diagnosed tuberculosis to be feel better. He tried to recover using natural things and succeeded this. He was taking a bath everyday in a cold river which flows across his town besides other natural remedies. In this way, he cured himself. After Kneipp, many people including a pope recovered with his method. His therapy approach is comprised of hydrotherapy, herbal remedies and aerobic exercises regularly. Today, Kneipp Physiotherapy is deemed a kind of classical naturopathy.

The Kneipp pool which is known as the most effective one among Kneipp therapies is “taking steps” in the water Kneipp pools made by Juno are in two design types; Corridor Kneipp, Round Kneipp.

In a Kneipp pool, feet are heated and then cooled one after another. Each Kneipp session should last 30-40 paces. During this practice, if calves turn red it means that blood circulation is enlivened and the therapy is correctly done. Warm water should be at 37ᵒC and cold water at any temperature enough cold. The therapy is applied under a physician control. Thanks to increased blood circulation, body tissues get more oxygen. If it is used regularly blood vessels can become stronger and healthier. In Germany, Kneipp therapy is recommended to the people who suffer from varix, head ache because of stress, hypertension near the limits, diabetics and ones with cellulite.

Juno produces all kinds of and size of Kneipp units in his facility. Many construction materials such as marble, ceramic, mosaic and similar can be used in Kneipp system production in accordance with the user’s choice and as per the place.

Massage is a therapy which is applied on some body parts to arrange blood circulation and improve functions of the muscle and nervous system based on a proved methodology or a scientific principle. We aim at a complete healing of the users of Juno Massage Room with the best therapy techniques.

The concept are formed by placing all kinds of units and tools together with accessories and decors used in the massage room of Juno in a harmony to make a comfortable and holistic environment.

A special sauna for you with the design as you desire.

In 4 continents, experience of over 4000 successful projects.
Juno Individual exhibits a perfect sauna which is produced using high quality materials and workmanship as per your needs and architectural features of your place. We always strive for manufacturing original designs that our engineers and architects created to stimulate your imagination. Our main target is to make special saunas which are dissimilar to ones you are familiar with using the means of modern technology. Your job is only to make a sketch or definition to describe your dream sauna… It is our job to make a detailed design for that sauna, and create it meticulously.

Detaylı bilgi için tıklayınız.

It is a cold section in Antique Rome Baths which has a pool in it. In old ages, frigidarium pools, which were used after having a bath, have been cooled using snow and placed at the northern side of buildings. In this way, the water in the pools were kept cold. Today, we call “shock pools” those ancient frigidarium pools. People can enjoy a shock pool after a warm therapy to make their bodies suddenly cool. Skin pores dilate and are cleaned during a warm therapy, and then they regain the normal state thanks to shock pools. After using shock pools the skin becomes tighter, younger and healthier.

Warm therapy systems are being used in different forms as from the Ancient Rome time. Places named Caldarium provide a more moderate heat and steam therapy in comparison to saunas and steam rooms. The highest temperature in a Caldarium is between 45 and 50ᵒC. Therefore, it is an ideal warm therapy system for one who don’t like high temperatures or are experiencing hypertension problems in hot environments. Due to a soft heat condition, the natural cooling system of the human body works and this enhances the blood circulation. In addition, it relaxes muscles and make the breathing easier and deeper.

It is another warm therapy system which was used in the Ancient Rome times by heating walls and the floor which are in touch with human body to relax. Tepidarium is a dry environment and illuminated with dim lights. Heated beds equipped with the modern technology are combined with special illuminations. Since the temperature of the environment (39⁰C) is near the body temperature, the blood circulation can be arranged without needing any pressure. Tepidarium loosens the muscles and strengthens the immune system. It is needed to use it min. 30 minutes for observing a positive effect in the body. However, it may be enough to be relaxed by staying in it for some time by enjoying the warm air in accordance with the personal needs and preferences.

Scientific researches suggest that electric current affects our mood, energy and health very seriously. Fluorescent lamps, computers, air conditioners and other technological devices emit positive ions into the room. The more positive ions there are in a place, the more stressed and tired the people become. Furthermore, many breathing diseases such as asthma, hay fever and allergic reactions are triggered when staying in such environments.
Contrary, the most tranquil and restful places in the world are the ones having dense negative ions. Ocean shores, forests, and other natural environments especially after the rain are very peaceful places where people feel very relaxed and refreshed. In the light of scientific findings, we know that the environment with negative ions decrease the symptoms of some diseases such as hay fever, asthma, seasonal depression, and daily tiredness and head ache.

Plant wall systems which are among the new negative ionizers are uncommon in Turkey. Juno plant walls can be a good choice for producing negative ions that you may need like other high-quality Juno products.
In plant walls, we use imported plants which are specially grown. The plants are sown in different places and a salty water dispersed upon them. In this way, a new design with both visual and functional features is created which is a natural and unusual combination for releasing negative ions.
You can simply place those plants on an opposite side to make a rain corridor or use them on your walking paths or raise them onto columns in the building to create different designs. It is possible to shape and place your plant walls in many decorative options as you please.

Salt is a natural antiseptic substance which has been used since thousands years. Now, it finds an opportunity for being a natural healing material in hands of Juno’s experts. It is accepted that unrefined rock salt has antimicrobial effects for lungs. That’s why, in recent years, patients with breathing problems and astma have been visiting natural salt caves to benefit from such places’ healing properties. This incredible recovering effect arouse more and more interest in the wold, and in Turkey as well. It may be beneficial for those who have skin problems such as eczema and allergic itchiness. Antidepressant properties of salt may help cure a depressive mood. Dry salt aerosol therapy can be used together with other medication.


  • Asthma attacks
  • Allergy
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Acute Trachea Diseases
  • Emphysema
  • COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
  • Nasal congestion
  • Otitis Media (The middle ear infection)
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Pneumonia
  • Bronchiectatic
  • Cough
  • Crepitation
  • Problems of Smokers
  • Mucosal oedema
  • Cold and grippe
  • Sinusitis
  • Tonsillitis
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Hay fever


  • Infections accompanying a fever
  • Patients with a cancer history
  • Patients with tuberculosis or with a tuberculosis history
  • People who have hearth failure
  • Hypertension

Turkish Bath for Health Facilities:
The most common problems with a Turkish bath in health facilities are the structure which does not suit the concept of the facility and/or the lack of magnificence.

JUNO presents you a traditional Turkish bath culture combined with modern structural elements. Juno products which created using the most suitable design parameters for your spa facility exhibit the best workmanship and usability. You will enjoy our tradition in a modern environment, and want to stay for a long time there.

Household Turkish Baths:
We built household Turkish Baths for those who love hammam delight in their own home. Our expert team is ready to produce your special bath as per the size of the place and your preferences.

JUNO forms Turkish Bath by combining the traditional patterns with modern design characteristics and a high-quality workmanship. We are at your disposal to bring an elegant hammam to your house.

Consulting and Project Management Services

We perform strategy and SWOT analysis.
We provide consultancy in the design and construction stages.
We provide consultancy on management and business issues.
Technical personnel training services.

Architecture, Engineering and Application Services

We draw the project, we detail it.
We perform cost analysis and projection.
We develop “Business Focused” solutions.
We implement applications in international standards.
All units are produced in our company.

Our Design and Concept Development Services

We develop Spa & Wellness concepts.
We set the strategy and objectives.
We choose materials that match our strategy and objectives.
We design interior and exterior spaces.
We visualize the three-dimensional “real details”.